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The Boonville Country Club was founded in 1958 by a group of Warrick Country residents looking for good family recreation.  The group was made up of people from all walks of life.  They were coal miners, businessmen, lawyers, doctors and school teachers.  They bought 150 areas of rolling ground including farm ground and woodland areas.  They set about the task of setting up the club as a not for profit corporation with the expressed purpose of providing golf and other recreational opportunities for its members.  They volunteered their time to carve out the recreational areas which included nine holes of golf, a clubhouse with a trap shooting area and two lakes for fishing and swimming.

The clubhouse was located where number 13 green now exists.  It was a large structure with a fireplace at each end and with a kitchen for the various activities that were held there.  The clubhouse, lakes and roadway into the club were built by volunteer labor using equipment on loan from local coal companies.  The beach area was located on the east side of the lower lake by what is now the 17th hole tee ground.  The beach included bathhouse and playground equipment.  There were charcoal grills for member use in the picnic area near the beach.  The lake was full of kids and adults on weekends in the hot summer weather.

In 1970 after several changes the current front nine holes of golf were established and bent grass greens were built replacing the sand greens.  The current clubhouse was built but it was only the small section that is the bar area and the basement beneath the bar.  In the early 80’s an addition was built which expanded the clubhouse to include the current dining room and the proshop area below.  In the early 90’s the kitchen was enlarged and storage added.   In 2008 we completed the update and residing of the building to its present state.

In 1994 the back nine golf holes were carved out of the area around the lakes and to the east end of the property.  It opened for play in July 1994.  This was in time for the surge in golf throughout the United States.  Our club grew to its largest membership topping 400 members.  With lots of play and good revenue we were able to add to and update the facilities.  A new maintenance barn was built in the late 1990’s and the current cart barn was built in 2004.  The older maintenance barns were removed.  Concrete cart paths were construction to allow play in all types of weather

The club has had a golf course superintendant and a clubhouse manager for many years.  Each operated under the supervision of the Board and its various committees.   Because of the great amount of work require to operate the golf course, the Board decided in 2008 to hire a general manager for the club who would be in charge of the complete operation.  Effective March of 2011 the club hired Bill Rendall a class A PGA Professional to be the General Manager.  Bill has been charged with the responsibility of continuing to improve our operations and to provide a great recreational and entertaining golf experience for the members.

Boonville Country Club blends an enjoyable golf experience with a relaxed & affordable atmosphere to create a unique Private Club setting. We welcome all visitors to our site to explore and see what makes us the best kept secret in the Tri-State or come by and see why our Club has been enjoyed our by Members & Guests since 1958.

New Clubhouse Hours (Eff. March 15th, 2017):
Hours: Weekday 10am – 5pm Sat. & Sun. & 7:30am – 5pm (weather permitting).
Pro Shop Weekday 8am – dusk, weekend 8am – dusk (weather permitting)

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