2017 Men’s Thursday Night League – Begins May 11th, Entry $35 for Members & $100 for guests

Schedule of events:

This is a 2 Man 3 point Best Ball Match Play Event

$2 Skins Games is available each week with possible carry-overs.

Must sign-up by May 1st.

2017 Thursday Night Men’s League

League: Runs 16 weeks and begins on Thursday, May 11th and ends on August 10th. Teams must be in by Monday, May 8th
Time: 5:30pm
Matches: Alternating Front & Back 9’s
Tees: White- under 65 years of age, Gold- 65 + years of age
Format: 2 man team (round robin 3 point 2 man match play)
Entry: $35 Member & $8 cart fee per week $100 Non Member & $8 for cart per week.

· One team member will be the A player (lowest handicap) and one team member will be the B player (higher handicap). The B player could become the A player as the season progresses.
· The A players from each team and the B players will compete against each other. Also, you will play against the other team. Matches will be scored on the 3-point system. Handicaps are used for each player. Each team has the chance to win 3 points in a match. 1 point for “A” player match and 1 for “B” player match. All matches are handicapped match play events!
· Matches against non-player will be Match Play against net scorecard +2 strokes added.
· Your handicaps will be your official Blue handicap to begin or trend if not established.
· Explanation of handicap adjustments:
5+ shots under handicap: subtract 2 shots
2-4 shots under handicap: subtract 1 shot
5+ shots over handicap: add 2 shots
2-4 shots over handicap: add 1 shot
Even or 1 over or under handicap: stays as is
· The will be adjusted weekly to protect the League from bloated handicaps.
· Please call before 3:30pm if you cannot play!

FORMAT OF PLAY AND RULES FOR THIS LEAGUE HAVE BEEN DETERMINED BY COMMITTEE: (Bill Rendall, Andy Ellis). Anyone wanting to help next year are always welcome, as is any new idea for the league.

· One official scorecard will be handed out to each team at the beginning of each match. At the end of your match, check and sign your scorecard with opponents, then return it to the pro shop. Results will be posted on the Tourney Results board periodically.
· The committee agreed to no more than an “8” on any hole.
· Rainouts will be no points for the matches.
· Questions about the league or a match will be answered by the committee only.
· Skins Pot $ – Each team will have a chance to put in $2 each week for a scratch skin pot. It will carry over until there is a winner. Any team not paid up on a skipped week cannot get in on the carry over! Your team may pay for skins for the entire season on week one of the league ($32 each).

Payouts: In Golf Shop Gift Certificates (with 2 Divisions of 16 teams)
2017 Season – each division
1st Place Team
2nd Place Team
3rd Place Team
4th Place Team

** 2 Closest to Pins awarded per week