Pro’s Corner

Chapter 3
Choosing a grip

When choosing a grip you need to look at a couple of things. First you need to find a shape of a grip that is comfortable. There are many good grips out there from paddle to pistol and materials to give you better feel. Once you decide what type of grip and what material, you need to decide on the size of the grip. One thing you should know is a bigger grip will create less active hands in your putting stroke. So as, to small of a grip let’s your hands become more active in your stroke. Soon as you can decide this factor, you can have your professional wrap the tape to satisfy your hands needs. If we just put on a grip it may work out perfect, but it is always nice to see your putting stroke first. This way if your lower hand on your grip gets a little fast through the stroke. We can tape under the grip where the lower hand sits and slow down the release of your putting stroke. So remember there is more than just taking a putter of the rack and being successful with it for more than a couple of rounds. We can create a putter than can last you a lifetime. Make sure the grip is installed top dead center to avoid false problems in your putting stroke.